Vietnam will never run out of UNESCO Heritage Site, one of those is the Halong Bay. It is often called the floating rocks and just recently received the New Seven Wonders Award. With feathers on her cap, Halong Bay is one of the sites to be ticked on your bucket list. Kayaking at the colossal pillars of karts mountains that protrude from the water and the base are slowly washed-out by the stable surge of water. Makes the scenery an instagramable one.

Halong Bay is located in Gulf of Tonkin in Quang Ninh province a 3-hour drive from Hanoi.

Halong Bay spanned in 43,400 hectares, including the 1600 islands and islets, Most of the island is inhabited and untouched by human activities. Some islands are endowed with beautiful beaches.

With the release of the movie Pan and Skull Island, Halong Bay is flocked with tourist all year round. It striking and outstanding natural beauty really captures your heart.

How to reach Ha Long Bay

There are many companies that offer a day tour in Hanoi and it is even available online. I booked a day tour through my hotel for 40 USD. Hotel prices in Hanoi are fixed. Although there are cheaper tours but the quality of service is below par, hence you are served by what you paid.
We left Hanoi around 8AM for a 3-hour travel to reach the jetty. We arrived at the jetty around past 11 and our guide brought us to the boat. We board the cruise boat and take our sumptuous lunch. The foods are excellent, it has a wide array of western and Asian cuisines. ( I was not able to take pictures of our meal, because of the obvious reason I pamper my tummy)
As the boat cruises, we are all in awe of the great sceneries of the karts mountain and white sand beaches of the islands. The views are really jaw-dropping.

After an hour of cruising, we docked at the floating dock in Baham are. Here we have a choice, Stay on the deck of the boat or rent a small boat for the kayaking. I choose the kayaking, we need the small boat to pass through the small hole that leads us to a lagoon. I am amazed by the rock formation, indeed Halong Bay is a masterpiece of nature.

After an hour of kayaking, we headed to Thien Cung cave. The cave is huge with high ceiling and many chambers and floors. It famous for its stalagmites and stalactites formation. You use your imagination to figure out the shapes of stalagmites and stalactites it resembles to.

After an hour of sightseeing inside the cave, we went back to our boat and headed back to the jetty. All of us are exhausted but I can happiness that Halong Bay left on faces. We arrived in Hanoi around 8PM. The shuttle bus will drop you at your hotel. It was a great day indeed!

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