Bali is the most popular tropical island in the most archipelagic country in the whole world “Indonesia”. At the same time, it is on the top ten tropical island in the world. It is inhabited by a Hindu minority in the Muslim majority country. It is commonly referred to as the Islands of Gods. The moment you leave the airport you will be greeted by the busy streets, souvenir shops, resorts and restaurants.

busy street of Kuta

Do not be discouraged because the picturesque views of this island are just a few kilometres away from the touristy Kuta beach.

Kuta Beach

Glimpse of Bali

This tropical island is inhabited by Hindus, so expect that every morning you will see Canang sari, a copper plate where they put their offering to their gods. It visible in the temple, shrine and even on the street.

Kuta Beach is just a few minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. This is the epicentre of this tropical island. A very long stretch of sand and it is also famous for vibrant nightlife. If you are a party person, this is the best place to stay in Bali.
Across the beach shore, you can shop till you drop, pamper yourself at spas and massage parlour, meet expats and locals at the clubs, experience Balinese food at the restaurants, hotels and resorts for all types of budgets.

Things you should not miss in Bali


Go to Ubud and get immersed in their culture. Ubud is the cultural, culinary and arts capital of Bali. You can do a day trip in this place, but I recommend to stay to have the taste of the traditional Balinese culture.

Hindu temples are widely spread in this place. I and my friends decided to visit the prominent temples.

Tanah Lot Sunset Temple

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot which means land in the sea in the Balinese language. A postcard and picturesque sunset, to describe this temple. The temple perch on the huge rock. This is a crowded place, especially during sunset. Photographers are waiting on the shore waiting to snap photos of the stunning sunset.
Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple (Wikipedia)

Built on the ascending slope of Mount Agung located in the Eastern part of Bali island. It is considered as the mother and the holiest temple.  It is a complex of 23 separate temples that can be explored by the tourist. Besakih Temple came into the spotlight in 1963. The temple survived the eruption of a volcano. The Balinese believed that the gods protect the temple from devastation.
Tirta Empul Temple (Temple of the Holy Water) 

The temple name means holy water spring in the Balinese language. It is one of the largest holy water temples in Indonesia. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu, who is the god of water in Hindu religion.
The offering should be made before you proceed to the pool. The water in the courtyard believe to have magical powers. People line up here to bath themselves under the water spouts in Tirta Empul Temple. This ritual has a spiritual explanation. The bathing symbolizes the cleaning your soul.

Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun literally means beautiful garden. It is regarded as one of the attractive temple in Indonesia. The temple is built in the beautiful garden and park. It is bordered by canals and crossing the bridge is the only way to go to the candid bentar (a split gateway in Balinese culture, commonly found in the religious buildings).

From the candid bentar, take the footpath to see the ponds and the garden which brings you the outer courtyard of the temple. The inner courtyard has a multitude of meru (multi-tiered shrines). Come and see this unique architecture.

Pura Gunung Kawi (Poet Mountain Temple)

Royal tombs

Pura means temple and kawi means poet. Literally means a temple on the mountain of poet. This site is not a temple but a tomb. These tombs of the kings and queens of the 11th centrury. They were given royal funeral according to Balinese custom. The Pakerisan rivers snakes along the ravine of the mountain and cliff, where shrines carved on it.

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