Palawan, for the past years, is always on the top ten as one of the best tropical islands in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. It’s unique karst rock formation, crystal clear waters, and white, talcum soft sand catapulted her on the list.

Where is Coron?

Coron is one of the islands that comprise the Calamianes group of islands. This group of islands is divided into four towns or municipalities.  Coron usually is associated with this group of islands. Sometimes Coron can be mistaken as Busuanga. I want to shed light on the confusion on the location of Coron. Coron is on the island of Busuanga and this island is split into two; Busuanga and Coron respectively. Do not confuse Coron Town and the Coron Island. Coron town is the tourism centre of the island while Coron Island is a separate island that is part of Coron.

How to get there?

The fastest way to reach this island is through flights. There are direct flights from Manila to Busuanga (a municipality where the airport is located), Cebu to Busuanga and Clark to Busuanga.
Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Sky jet offer a direct flight to Coron from the above-mentioned cities.
The alternative way is to take a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa or Cebu to Puerto Princesa. Then, take the van going to El Nido then take a fast craft from El Nido to Coron. It is advised to stay in El Nido for a few days, this place offers a great island hopping tours.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping is a must do in Coron. Every hotel in Coron town can book an island hopping tour on your behalf. This includes a complimentary hotel pick up, entrance fees and a buffet lunch. I choose Tour A Island Hopping.
Here’s the itinerary

– 8-9AM Pick-up time
– 15 minutes van transfer from the hotel to boat docking area
– Orientation and Coastguard Clearance
– Departure from boat docking area
– Boat ride to SIETE PECADOS

“Siete Pecados” means the Seven Deadly Sins in Spanish. It’s an ominous name to give a marine park, considering there are very real possibilities of drowning and, morbidly, death.
Legend has it that the islands of the well-known snorkeling destination Siete Pecados appeared after seven sisters who went swimming against their mother’s will got drowned.
Nobody knows whether the legend is true and why a natural wonder blessed with so much marine life was given a name that means “seven sins” in Spanish. (philstar)

2nd  Stop: Kayangan Lake

Kayangan lake is facing the Coron Bay. There are two colossal rocks that guard the entrance going to the docking area in Coron Bay. Upon entering the docking area, the dramatic rock formation greets you as the boat is cruising on the crystal clear water. We docked at the Coron Island Bay then set foot on the wooden bridge. This bridge is going to the Kayangan Lake viewpoint.

The Kayangan Viewpoint is facing the Coron Bay, not the Kayangan Lake. This viewpoint is one of the most photographed views in the Philippines. Buena Vista! it is a postcard view.

This lake is said to be the cleanest and clearest lake in the Philippines. I pretty agree to this, the water is very clean and clear. This lake has both sea and fresh water in it. There are rock formations under the surface of the lake. While swimming, you cannot resist marveling the colossal rocks that surround the lake.

The downside of the Kayangan lake, it is too crowded.

Skeleton Wreck

Our third stop is the sunken Japanese shipwreck. The shipwreck is quite visible from the top. You can dive few meters to have a closer look at the shipwreck. The shipwreck is covered with corals. After swimming and snorkeling in

We had our lunch at the Malwawey Beach.

After our lunch, we sailed going to the Coron Youth Club or CYC Beach. In CYC, you have options, you can go to the beach, go for snorkeling or stay in the boat.

The Twin Lagoon

We stayed in CYC beach for 30 minutes and then headed off to the Twin Lagoons.  The karst landscape greeted us. The Twin lagoons are divided by a karst stone. During low tide, you can swim through a narrow opening to reach the other lagoon. During high tide, you can take the ladder.

While swimming the twin lagoon you will experience thermocline. It happens when the freshwater from the first lagoon meets the seawater of the second lagoon.

After the island tour. The beauty of the islands and their rock formations keep on flashing on my head. I can’t get enough of Coron.

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