Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili islands. It is famous for white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, snorkelling and diving. We managed to catch the last boat off the island. After a few minutes, the sea was getting rough. The local who sat next to me, said, “this is normal, do not be scared”. We were being tossed by the waves. The seawater got in the boat and we were all wet. Although I came from an archipelagic country, and the boat is the means of inter-island transportation. I never experienced this kind of waves. After a 30 minute of a terrifying boat trip. We set our foot on the islands. It was a great relief! I thought the boat will capsize.

We looked for our two friends who arrived a day before us. We met up, and check in at our hotel. We look for a good restaurant because I only ate similar food on the mountain. My palate is craving for western food.
At night time we explore the island on foot. Gili Trawangan can be circumnavigated in two hours on foot, just follow the beach shore. I shorten my exploration on the island as my body was really exhausted. It was a long day though.

Early morning my friend knocked on the door to wake me up to glimpse the sunrise on the island. The sunrise offered a great view. As the sun came out from the Mt. Rinjani and you witness the sun shines from the mountains sides on the way to the seas until reaches the shore where we sat. It was a stunning beauty of nature.

After the sunrise gazing, I and my friends took our breakfast and we stroll the beach shore. The powdery sand of the beach and the turquoise clear water will captivate you. I took a dip and swam in the water. It was really relaxing, after 3 days of hiking.
At daytime, the island is a bit quiet. A local told me, Gili is alive and vibrant at night time. It is known for great parties and nightlife. He told me that, on this island, there is no police. If there are disputes, local just settle for themselves.

It is time to say goodbye to this island. My short 24-hour sojourn in this island ended. We left the island bound for Lombok and we took a car going to the ferry port that will bring us to Bali, Indonesia.

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