Cameron Highlands

The Cameroon Highlands is undoubtedly Malaysia’s a must-see attraction. It has a scenic hiking trail and the forest that is rich flora and fauna. This highland is named after William Cameron, a British surveyor who discovered this land. During the British colonial rule, they found out that this area is suitable for growing tea, fruit, and vegetables because of its temperature.

How to get there

From Kuala Lumpur

Go to the Bus Terminal which is accessible through the commuter train

The trip from the bus terminal is approximately 3 hours and one hour of the winding road going up. Tanah Rata is the center of Cameron Highlands. All the buses stop here.

Things not to miss

Visit the mossy forest

Not all forest have mosses that grow on the ground and on trees. It only grows if the mountain’s elevation is high. Cameroon Highlands is very fortunate because of it is endowed with high elevation.

On our way to the entrance gate of the mossy forest. I was stunned that mosses grow on the ground. Our guide told us, we should follow the wooden trail and never attempt to walk on the ground as it will damage the moss. It is also dangerous because the land is muddy and there is a big chance that you will get lost.

Everything here is green. The moment you walk on the boardwalk it seems that you are in a fairytale scene or The Lord of the Ring.

The guide told us that there is no mosquitoes here and leeches of the high elevation. They will not survive here. Pitcher plant commonly grows here.

Tea Plantation

This is the biggest tea plantation in Malaysia. You can see the acres of tea plantation that is widely scattered on the hills on the mountains. 

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